About Us

Terra Christa Farm is a family owned and operated horse farm. We have been in operation since 1997 and are located on 25 lush acres with lovely oak canopies. Chris was raised in California and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida; Alessandra (Alex) was raised in Europe and moved to the States (Key West) in 1985. She obtained her Masters in Criminal Law from Florida International University in Miami, FL. 

Since 1997, we have raised, trained, and raced Stakes Thoroughbred horses. We have also owned and shown dogs since 1992, starting with the Great Danes. We finished our first champion in 1994 and then took time off to get married in Ibiza, Spain. We returned with two Ibizan hounds that we kept strictly as pets. This sparked our interest in the Hound group and as we grew weary of the health problems in the Danes, we researched the Rhodesians. Our research proved they are the BEST overall package. They are the perfect dogs for our busy lifestyle with kids, large and small animals, show demands, etc.

Alex started her riding in Ibiza, Spain, where she rode Andalusian stallions. She did classical dressage on these magnificient animals and developed a lifelong love for the sport. She broke and trained the thoroughbreds until the demands of raising children facilitated a change. She no longer competes in shows but still enjoys the occasional trail ride. Her children are active in the Hunter/Jumper circuit and are fearless riders.


It is impossible to be in this breed and not make some wonderful friends along the way who share our passion. One of them is Robert Patterson, a fellow horse and dog lover who now has three of our dogs! He found this really neat footage of Rhodesians at play in 1935. Take a look at the variety of coats, colors and sizes.



And here are others to enjoy:


Stunning horse and dog photos from a professional, Ridgebacks pictures are of our breeding.


Quality Dressage Training near Los Angeles, CA, and they have three of our Ridgebacks!