We have always loved the bully breeds but were always concerned with the FL heat and how they would tolerate it. We have a second home  in France and this inevitably lead us to run into some great bullies and we took the plunge! Frenchies are GREAT companions to us and to our Ridgebacks, travel great and do in fact tolerate our humid summers. Our old guy GAIUS, who is our founding sire and represented a lot in our loving, big ridgies, is now retired and enjoys his leisurely walks in the French countryside with his sidekicks. The Frenchies travel with us back and forth. WE do NOT breed Frenchies but will import some on occasion. So, if you are interested in a great buddy for youself or for a ridgie, read on...and watch our video, wait til the end! The devilish laugh is from my 12 yo son, Victor!