This page is a tribute to all the kids who love their dogs and the special bond they have. I can't remember a time where I did not have a dog and take it for granted that I will always have that companionship. Some of you had to work really hard to convice your parents and here's to you for deserving such a great gift. My son Marc sleeps with his dog Gaius and they look for each other right before bedtime; they are each other's security blanket and are very devoted to each other. They have a special language and even though I watch this as an outsider, I can still appreciate their love and devotion. So, here's to you, kids, and to your special dog!

I am also including the most adorable short video of Simba, a 4 yo male Rhodesian with his best buddy, Colton. Simba was a puppy we bred and placed in a home in a family who had a young child. Due to a divorce and the now single mom working overseas, he was returned to us at 2 1/2 years of age and we found him a home with a similar family structure.  His new family had a 10 month old son at the time and here is how they get along now.... We rarely have older dogs available but our contract does stipulate all our dogs are to be returned to us in case of unforseen circumstances.  There is a demand for dogs which are well socialized and in need of a new home. Feel free to inquire as to the availabiltiy of these great dogs!

"Hey Alex,   

This is the most awesome dog EVER!!!! I can't say enough about him, he is amazing. We don't have a night man on Tuesday nights so I took him with me down to check horses last night and he stuck by my side like glue. Last night he slept in the laundry room with his toys and slept quietly all night. Today we went to Petsmart and I bought him some Pro Plan sensitive skin/stomach food and some chew bones and he was the perfect gentleman!! One lady did ask me if he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback (I looked down at his ridge as she asked and thought "here's your sign"!!) Anyways, we love him so much already and he just fits right in!! He is so great in the house, very laid back. I attached a couple photos and I will get some better ones sent soon. Thank You for this unbelievable boy! We feel so lucky to have him!

Lori Q., Ocala, FL