The following are pictures of puppies we have bred along with some testimonials from their new families. We love hearing back from our new families and get the most honest and unedited feedback. We are hoping that sharing these insights will assist you in making an important decision and also relieve those of you who are quite a distance from us. Our puppies are in demand across the United States and even overseas. The simple truth is the majority of our puppies live outside of the state of Florida, so make sure to notate where the testimonials come from since we have happy families as far as Seattle and the state of California!  As it turns out, we have quite a fan base in California! I would also like to thank all my new doggie friends for all the wonderful feedback I have received from you guys over the years.  You are the best!

Testimonials from our new families!

Scott and Sabine, from Thousdand Oaks, CA, have three wonderful girls from me...all starting in 2012 (June pictured above):

"Dear Alex, We just want to say Hello and send you some pictures of our two girls " Lucrezia " and " Flygirl". We absolutely love them! They created a big Rhodesian Ridgeback fan club here in California and they love each other! Such wonderful amazing dogs!!!! They enjoy spending the days at the barn and running on the beach!! Thank you for all your help Warmly Scott and Sabine" in 2013


"Hi Alex My friend and client Rebecca Neff is an equine photographer and she took this beautiful picture of Flygirl and Juni on our ranch- what a great shot. It is featured on equine photography network and has gotten lots of hits and comments from all over the world We love our girls!!!! All the Best Sabine and Scott" in 2013



and now, six years later:

"Everybody’s barn favorites, best dogs ever!!
Greetings from California
Scott , Sabine and the girls"




"Hi there Alessandra – Happy New Year. I wanted to send you a current photo of Murphy, now 5 years old. He’s such a great dog and we love him to bits!
I ran into a fellow alpaca breeder friend, Lynn E., at an alpaca show and she said she’d gotten a puppy from you too. What a coincidence! We’re both happy customers of yours! Many thanks!
Hope all is well with you and yours,
Jeanne W, Lexington, VA"

I received the AKC papers. Thanks. 
I have attached a few pics of Khaleesi. She is the light of our life. 
We are so happy with her and she is very happy in her new environment. 
She's probably a bit spoiled. She is already crate trained and has not had any accidents since the first day we got her. 
She was 10.8 lbs the day after I brought her home and was 15.5 at our next vet visit eleven days later. She is growing fast. 
Hope you have a great summer abroad. 

Upate at one year of age, April 2018:

" Alex,
Here are a few photos of Khaleesi. She is the most beautiful, affectionate and sweet dog. We could not be happier and we think she is very happy being in our life. 

Jon and Julia"


Jon C., Canaan, CT

"Hi Alex,

We are good. Always loving on the best dog ever! We constantly talk about how we don't know what we did everyday pre-Mako. He's truly the best and always gets so many compliments on his temperament and looks." K.F., Jax, Fl

"12 weeks... One of the favorite pics!! I mean look at that face!! 

He's doing great! So lovable and fun of energy! Doing awesome at puppy training!!

Growing like a weed...He weighed in yesterday at 30Lbs!"      Kelli R.
"Good morning Alessandra,
I wanted to update you on Pink girl (now Penny). She is doing well and is 90 pounds now at 10 months! I have attached a most recent picture.
She is so sweet and has an amazing temperament. I think she was Gahdi in another life. She is great with everyone, especially little kids. Loves playing and going everywhere with us, she is definitely a wonderful addition to our family."

Elyse P., Tampa FL