The following are pictures of puppies we have bred along with some testimonials from their new families. We love hearing back from our new families and get the most honest and unedited feedback. We are hoping that sharing these insights will assist you in making an important decision and also relieve those of you who are quite a distance from us. Our puppies are in demand across the United States and even overseas. The simple truth is the majority of our puppies live outside of the state of Florida, so make sure to notate where the testimonials come from since we have happy families as far as Seattle and the state of California!  As it turns out, we have quite a fan base in California! I would also like to thank all my new doggie friends for all the wonderful feedback I have received from you guys over the years.  You are the best!

Testimonials from our new families!

Scott and Sabine, from Thousdand Oaks, CA, have three wonderful girls from me...all starting in 2012 (June pictured above):

"Dear Alex, We just want to say Hello and send you some pictures of our two girls " Lucrezia " and " Flygirl". We absolutely love them! They created a big Rhodesian Ridgeback fan club here in California and they love each other! Such wonderful amazing dogs!!!! They enjoy spending the days at the barn and running on the beach!! Thank you for all your help Warmly Scott and Sabine" in 2013


"Hi Alex My friend and client Rebecca Neff is an equine photographer and she took this beautiful picture of Flygirl and Juni on our ranch- what a great shot. It is featured on equine photography network and has gotten lots of hits and comments from all over the world We love our girls!!!! All the Best Sabine and Scott" in 2013



and now, six years later:

"Everybody’s barn favorites, best dogs ever!!
Greetings from California
Scott , Sabine and the girls"




"Hi there Alessandra – Happy New Year. I wanted to send you a current photo of Murphy, now 5 years old. He’s such a great dog and we love him to bits!
I ran into a fellow alpaca breeder friend, Lynn E., at an alpaca show and she said she’d gotten a puppy from you too. What a coincidence! We’re both happy customers of yours! Many thanks!
Hope all is well with you and yours,
Jeanne W, Lexington, VA"

I received the AKC papers. Thanks. 
I have attached a few pics of Khaleesi. She is the light of our life. 
We are so happy with her and she is very happy in her new environment. 
She's probably a bit spoiled. She is already crate trained and has not had any accidents since the first day we got her. 
She was 10.8 lbs the day after I brought her home and was 15.5 at our next vet visit eleven days later. She is growing fast. 
Hope you have a great summer abroad. 

Upate at one year of age, April 2018:

" Alex,
Here are a few photos of Khaleesi. She is the most beautiful, affectionate and sweet dog. We could not be happier and we think she is very happy being in our life. 

Jon and Julia"


Jon C., Canaan, CT

"Hi Alex,

We are good. Always loving on the best dog ever! We constantly talk about how we don't know what we did everyday pre-Mako. He's truly the best and always gets so many compliments on his temperament and looks." K.F., Jax, Fl

"12 weeks... One of the favorite pics!! I mean look at that face!! 

He's doing great! So lovable and fun of energy! Doing awesome at puppy training!!

Growing like a weed...He weighed in yesterday at 30Lbs!"      Kelli R.
"Good morning Alessandra,
I wanted to update you on Pink girl (now Penny). She is doing well and is 90 pounds now at 10 months! I have attached a most recent picture.
She is so sweet and has an amazing temperament. I think she was Gahdi in another life. She is great with everyone, especially little kids. Loves playing and going everywhere with us, she is definitely a wonderful addition to our family."

Elyse P., Tampa FL 
"Keep me posted on your litters. At any rate, my girl learned how to swim which was fun to watch and she has come to live the beach. You were so right about her - she is such a lover! I never thought I could love another RR like Koda, but Tango has won over my heart and her and I have bonded like you would never believe. See the photos. It's great to hear from you and I can't wait to come out and visit. I know my wife will go nuts with all of the RRs around her. Enjoy Europe and happy holidays if I don't chat with you before."
Gene, DC then FL

"Hi Alex
We have had our baby boy now for 2 days and I cannot begin to tell you what an absolute joy he is. He is a birthday present for my husband and not only is he in love but so am I. Our puppy is smart, cuddly, mellow and most of all beautiful! We took him to his vet yesterday and he got an A+ on his report. We have never been thrilled and I just want to thank you for bringing us such a wonderful addition to our family. We are truly blessed to have him in out lives.
Once again THANK YOU!"
Cori B., Orinda, CA (Mia & Charm boy)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note...Hobbs is the greatest puppy! He is such a sweet gentle amazing puppy. He's been to all sorts of places, beaches, sporting events, preschool and he's such a perfect little guy with kids, adults, dogs and everything. So thank you for sending him our way. We love him to pieces....
Have a happy thanksgiving! "
Aimee B., Huntington, NY (Carlin and Sammy boy)

Mia and Kara



"Hi Alex,

I just wanted to follow up to let you know that Mia is an absolute love!  (I know……I should tell you something you DIDN’T already know.)  Today she was chasing all the leaves falling off the trees.  Problem is, she can’t quite decide which one to chase.  She runs around like a ball in a pinball machine.  She is awesome!  We all love her so much!  My daughter and I have been attending Puppy Kindergarten classes and soon to begin Basic Obedience.  She’s so smart and learns quickly but does try to push the envelope at times.  You have made me so happy by taking the time to chat with me about my concerns and allowing me to bring her into our lives.  I don’t know what I’d do without her!Thank you so much!
Deb D., Andover, MA (Phoebe and Lucca girl)


Thank you so much for the leash info! I cannot tell you how well he is doing! We don't have a yard, so unfortunately/fortunately, we have been doing lots of leash stuff. We have done lots of techniques-his favorite is to chase the ball down the hall/steps-which is how he learned to conquer them! He's now clicker trained and crate trained. He is SOOO close to house broken. He let's us know (outside of the crate) that he has to go by looking at us, looking down, swinging his body like he's looking where he wants to explode-and if we are still looking, like we always are, he lets out a HUGE bark. Then he holds it all the way down. It's quite incredible! He has learned sit and wait. He loves to snuggle, and he loves to nibble on me when he's being playful (like he's eating corn on the cob, nibble nibble). He is INCREDIBLE!"
Deb and Vin N., Hoboken, NJ (Sugar and Lucca boy)

""He is perfect! I am laughing at his paw size- they are huge! I am not sure your husband understood my sarcasm when I said your emails had an evil laugh when addressing size- meaning I would only understand how big he would be when I saw him! Your family is wonderful- thank you for transporting Fred to Jersey! Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience. I will keep in touch with pictures of Fred. " Kate B., NJ (Isis & Gaius boy)

"Hi Alex,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Levi (Sunderland) at about 10 months. He is an easy 100 lbs but still very agile and playful. I take him to the dog park all the time and the amount of compliments he gets is outrageous. Everybody (including me) thinks that he is gorgeous! But perhaps even more important is the fact that he gets constant praise from other owners for his wonderful disposition. He may be 100 pounds of pure muscle, but he truly a gentle giant. Just today, while playing at the park with his best friend Lola (a female 20 lbs Jack Russel mix) a few people came up to me and told me how amazing it was to watch him run and play with her. Even her owner trusts Levi completely. But he is just that type of dog. Everybody who gets to spend a minute with him instantly loves him. Thanks for everything! Best,
Brad C., PA (Isis & Gaius boy)
"Hi Alex!
Just wanted to thank you and Chris for our beautiful and lovable puppy. We named him Rocky and he is definitely getting comfortable in his new home! Our first night went well! He didn't like his crate too much and cried whenever he went back into it after we took him outside. But he calmed down within 5 minutes and fell back to sleep. We fell in love with him instantly and could not be happier! Thanks again!"
Lauren and Dan, CT (Isis and Gaius boy)

"Dear Alex,
We just want to say Hello and send you some pictures of our two girls " Lucrezia " and " Flygirl". We absolutely love them! They created a big Rhodesian Ridgeback fan club here in California and they love each other! Such wonderful amazing dogs!!!! They enjoy spending the days at the barn and running on the beach!! Thank you for all your help. Warmly"
Scott and Sabine, CA (Dixie & Gaius and Sugar & Gaius girls)

"Hi Alex!
We LOVE them. Like, over-kill status...... We honestly can't picture ourselves without the dogs in our lives. They couldn't be a better fit..and yes, thank you, we got the papers a couple weeks ago and need to send them in.. " Josh and Adrienne, Edinburg, TX (Dixie & Gaius and Sugar & Gaius boys)

"Hey Alex,
WOW what an amazing three weeks it has been. What a blessing it has been to work with you! I can't say enough good things about you and your breeding program. One thing I have learned through Karen Pryors Academy for Animal Training and Behavior is the key to having and happy healthy dog is to always set them up for success. It is obvious that you do the same for your puppies, setting them up to succeed in their forever homes. Fonzie (Cesare) has adjusted so effortlessly into his new home, all of my friends and family are in awe. I'm so glad I did my research and was directed to you. You made me feel so comfortable and were so patient and always answered my questions and in a timely manner. I will never go through another breeder again! I was talking with my boyfriends sister yesterday when we had our dogs out swimming (yes Fonzie is a professional swimmer now haha), and we were recalling the day I brought Fonzie home. I was expecting an anxious, tired, timid puppy who would need a day or two to adjust to his new surroundings away from his mom littermates and favorite people. The Fonz, after leaving everything he has ever known, strutted out of his kennel at the airport did his business and he was MR PERSONALITY from that point on! The funniest part of all is that I had to wake him up to go to the bathroom the first night! there was no crying or barking and there have been only a handful of accidents (which have been my fault for not listening to his signs). As you know Fonzie comes to work with me and my other dog Stella. Everyone in my office cannot believe how quiet and well behaved he is and I have you to thank for that. You weren't kidding when you said you breed for personality and quality. You really delivered everything you promised and more! Thank you thank you thank you! I am soooooo Happy. " Liz N., MN (Dixie & Gaius boy)

"Sara has really made herself at home! She has found the water bowl, twice! Has used the restroom 5 times, four of those being in the yard! Yea!!! And has had a healthy dinner licking the bowl clean.. So far everything has been PERFECT! The whole family is in LOVE! She walks around here with a little air of confidence that we just can't believe. Me thinks we stole the star of the Gaius and Dixie litter............just saying."
Jim, FL(Dixie & Gaius girl)

"Just a short note to let you know that Rudolph is doing great. He loves being around the family (especially with my son) and playing in the dog park. He is extremely social and everybody loves him; he is kind of the star of the neighborhood. He is learning quite fast and well although I’ve to admit he can be quite stubborn at times (no big deal in any case). He is always starving but can be very selective (doesn’t like carrots per example). He is around 80 pounds now and there are days you can “see” him growing. We haven’t had any health scare with him. The picture is from yesterday. I’m starting to take him for short runs around the block but I can tell you he doesn’t really like them. In any case, a tired dog is a happy one. Plus he likes sleeping on the coach with us while we watch TV once the kids are in bed. He snores… " Miguel A.,
WA, DC (Dixie & Gaius boy)


DUKE (Livia and Manny Boy)

""Alex, first I wanted to thank you for your patience in this whole process; I asked what seemed to be a million questions and you were always there to offer guidance throughout the process. Initially I had my questions as I had never received a puppy from a breeder who lived on the opposite end of the country, but I quickly gained confidence in not only the logistical side of receiving a puppy from you, but the quality of dogs you produce. I knew after our first talk that you were the right breeder for me and I knew you would steer me in the right direction. Skipper (now Duke) embodies everything I had always wanted and after picking him up at the airport I was blown away and just how well he matched all of the qualities I was looking for. I know it sounds cliche and I've read it on your site before, but you ended up offering the exact puppy I was looking for. Shipping our little guy out here was not an issue at all and we are all so pleased with how confident he is and are especially thrilled by the fact that he is already potty trained! Thank you so much for everything I we can't wait to keep you in the loop as our boy grows. He is now over 25 pounds at 9 weeks!!!" Robbie, Los Angeles, CA

"Thought you might enjoy a current picture of our boy. He is an incredible dog with an amazing disposition and he and our 23 month old granddaughter are best buddies. Received your AKC paperwork, thank you. He was neutered and all went well. I know you sold him originally as a show dog, but if you want his neuter paperwork, I am happy to send it to you. Your dogs are the best of the breed in every way! Thank you!" Mark L., La Jolla, CA (Manny and Livia boy)

Hi Alex!
I hope all is well, I just wanted to send you a few photos and update you on Gage and I. Gage is the sweetest boy and everyone who encounters him is in awe of his looks and disposition. I hear every day "Wow what a good looking dog" and often people are intimidated and don't want to approach him out of fear saying "aren't those dogs mean??". Once they see Gage wagging his tail and whimpering, begging them to come say hi, they instantly fall in love with him. When Gage first came to me we were both nervous around each other. He was an older puppy who you sent to me after my tragedy with Banks. Still heartbroken over my loss I was hesitant to get another dog but you talked me through it and assured me that once you are a dog person and lover you have to have a companion to feel complete and you were right. Gage has grown into the most handsome, well mannered (most of the time) dog and I can not imagine not having him there to wake up to in the morning. He goes every where with me! I recently moved down to Wellington, FL for the polo season and I am assistant managing the Palm Beach Polo Club and Gage is my right hand man. He goes to every game and practice with me and knows when he is allowed to romp around with the horses and when it is time for business and he rests under my truck. Two little boys came over during a game the other day and Gage was happy to show them a few tricks! (Of course he thought there was food in that ice bag but he continued to entertain them even without a reward). He is now considered "Gagito" to the young argentine boys haha! Gage is exactly the same as he was when he was a puppy. He is way too smart for his own good and loves to test me when he thinks I'm not paying attention. Over all Gage is a great dog and I want to thank you for my special boy. I go on your website about once a week to see what you are up to at the farm and to see all the adorable new puppies :) . I hope all is well!!"

, Wellington, FL (Gaius & Keema boy)
"Hi Alex.
I hope you are settled back in after all of your travels. I wanted to let you know that Phoenix is doing great. He had his vet check up and was 25 pounds. Doing great in his crate, super respectful of 11 year old Roxy and sweet as can be. He's really smart. Already following commands and he loves everyone he meets."
Heather, VA (Mona & Vigo)