We are excited to announce our BIG RED LITTER coming from our Champions Gaia and Drogo. They are our “big guys”, think Tonka Trucks, kind and gentle tempered giants. Mom Gaia is 92 pounds (show condition) and Drogo is 120 lbs and 30 inches the withers, both with big bones, suspended movement and laid back dispositions. Drogo is a big, loving goof, Mom is an intimidated guard dog with a big bark and impressive looks, both with square heads and big ears, revealing their sweet nature. We are expecting some dark red (think mohagony red) puppies with masks, and some clear faced. 

Gaia is due early March, making the puppies ready starting two months later, so early MAY 2024. 

Deposit form is attached for those wishing to make a deposit and reserve early, DROGO is quite popular! /files/1212104/2023 DEPOSIT CONTRACT

Please fill out our application and reach us at (352)572-7720 for more information!


Puppies are here! Gaia did a wonderful job, starting the night before, restless, digging, etc. Needless to say, we both had a sleepless night. She had her first pup at 5:30 am, and the last one at 10:10 am. I was cleaning the big tub we use (jacuzzi type tub left over from the 80's!) when I saw her contract, ran to get my phone and caught it just in time! How cool is that?! She had been do good with the previous 8 that I let her do the work entirely by herself, and puppy girl was fine! Maybe I am a geek, but whoever ends up with her, how cool would it be to say you witnessed the birth of your pup?! 

This excitement carried me for a while because I am no good sleep deprived! Could barely count to nine when making sure everyone was accounted for! Heating pads, baby monitors, etc, are no subsitute for eyes on and hands on presence, and I am glad to report we are all doing well, esp mom Gaia!


Gaia had nine puppies, all ridged, good sized and nursing well. She had five girls and four boys, all red mohagony with mid to full masks. Enjoy the pics, more to come when eyes open. 

******************THREE WEEKS OLD!*************************************