NEW LITTER! Our girl Lulu was fantastic giving birth to her 10pups, starting 12/28 Thursday at 3:44 pm and going thru the night till early morning the next day! We all recovered and she is being an awesome mom, very attentive to her beautiful pups, all ridged! Excited as we have two liver nosed babies so far, one boy and one girl! Lulu had 5 boys and 5girls and we are currently accepting reservations for both genders, pups will be ready starting at 8 weeks on 2/24/24.

Lulu has a loving temperament, she is the daughter of our imported French Champion Binky who has a kid loving temperament and passes it on. She is also a Genetic masterpiece as she has all her Health Clearances to include Clear DM and EOAD and he has too, making the entire litter DM and EOAD clear!

Her wonderful temperament was reinfored with his laid back side, a BIG loving goof, descendent of multiple generations of our dogs.  Puppies are predisposed to becoming  excellent therapy dogs, or kid friendly family members. 

ALL puppies have excellent ridges and beautiful variety of colours, boys are: Football, Brown/Brown, Green, Black, and Yellow.

GIRLS are Pink/Grey, Turquoise, Purple, Red Hearts, and Orange. 


Here is our Deposit contract if you wish to reserve one of these wonderful pups! /files/1212104/2023 DEPOSIT CONTRACT 

Most important factor for us when we whelp is to have healthy pups! Sex is not relevant until later, so first weeks is just focusing on the overall health of all, mom AND pups. Making sure they are warm, eating/nursing well, etc. We all have our favorites but of course mine is Ms. Red, our smallest girl with spectacular coloring and we are making sure to bottle feed her in addition to mom's milk, and, HARD not to get attached! Enjoy the pics, more when their eyes are open!

*******************10 WEEKS OLD***************************

March 7th, 2024: Puppies turned 10 weeks today, so this means they received their second set of core vaccines, worming and nail trim. They are enjoying the beautiful Florida weather and romping in yard. They are eating well and being much more coordinated, all, except Buddha, a bit chunky to be atheltic, lol!